Anaconda Collaborates with IBM to Provide Python in Generative AI with IBM

AUSTIN, TX – February 13, 2024Anaconda Inc., provider of the world’s most popular platform for data science and modern AI development, today announced an expanded collaboration with IBM. As part of this expansion, IBM users can access Anaconda’s natively built open-source Python repository, and can integrate with Anaconda Repository on-premises for Python security vulnerability management and license management.

Through this collaboration, IBM users gain access to Anaconda’s base open-source software (OSS) repository as well as the option to upgrade to Anaconda’s premium repository with advanced security features for the enterprise.Anaconda empowers users to access the open-source Python libraries at the heart of modern AI development. Whether it’s generative AI applications or advanced statistical modeling, with Anaconda’s secure repository, both individuals and large enterprises can build, test, and deploy AI innovations at scale. With Anaconda and IBM, users can:

  • Build AI applications choosing from the latest OSS Python packages and AI frameworks
  • Guide foundation models to address your needs, with tools for building and refining performant prompts 
  • Tune the enterprise AI software supply chain with the Anaconda Repository, which provides additional security with vulnerability analysis, channel management, and open-source security best practices

“Open-source Python and its rich ecosystem have become essential foundations for modern AI and that’s why it’s never been more important to find partners you can trust,” said Anaconda CEO Barry Libert. “This collaboration with IBM will help address many of the challenges surrounding deploying AI in the enterprise, particularly when it comes to governance. We’re thrilled to integrate IBM to bring new AI and data solutions to partners.”

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