Anaconda Launches, Democratizes Python for All

The revolutionary platform enables programming for the 99%, advancing Anaconda’s mission to democratize data science and Python development.

AUSTIN, TX – March 28, 2023 – Anaconda Inc., provider of the world’s most popular data science platform and incubator of the open-source PyScript project, today unveiled, a free and flexible coding platform where anyone in the world can create next-generation web applications with Python-powered data interactivity and computation. The platform is now generally available for free as a software service.

“ wasn’t designed for just professional developers and data scientists, rather for the 99% of the world that aren’t Python proficient or professionals,” said Peter Wang, CEO and co-founder of Anaconda. “Today, Python is one of the top programming languages and one of the easiest to learn, yet we estimate that  less than 1% of the world’s population knows how to code. If we’re dedicated to a digital-first future, we must break the barrier of entry to coding. removes the burden of installing dev tools and creates an easy-to-use experience for the 99% to play with code and build neat things they can easily share.”

After debuting the open-source PyScript project in April 2022 as a proof-of-concept, Anaconda has spent the last year improving the open-source project. Today Anaconda is announcing the launch of, a site that allows anyone to build rich, interactive, shareable Python-powered web applications directly in the browser.’s plug-and-play modular development environment can run on any browser, including on mobile and tablets. This removes many existing headaches associated with setting up programming environments, and provides all users with an expressive, easy-to-learn platform to instantly build and deploy web applications. 

The open-source PyScript project has seen a tremendous groundswell of interest and experimentation from the community. Since its debut, it has earned over 15,000 GitHub stars. Additionally, the search term “PyScript” has grown over 2,500% YoY. With the release of the new service, the PyScript team at Anaconda are excited to see even more rapid growth and adoption of PyScript.

Key features of include:

  • Easily Create Python-Powered Web Applications: Publish and share applications and projects with a public URL while working with a readily-available suite of web-ready Python libraries. The capabilities extend to building, publishing, or embedding interactive web applications with ample support for a wide range of applications, from data-centric applications such as dynamic models and dashboards, to in-browser games and more traditional form-based web apps. 
  • Build and Execute in the Browser: treats the browser on a local machine as the application’s virtual machine or server. This removes the need for managing a separate server-side environment, and allows users to focus on their app logic. This also means runs in a safe development sandbox, where no data flows in or out from the browser.
  • Instantly View Modular Development: See code changes immediately with the Live Preview console and import pre-built components from a library of curated user interface elements.
  • Robust Styling and Plug-In Architecture: follows HTML’s intuitive styling rules, reads CSS stylesheets, and runs bidirectionally with native JavaScript styling and interaction. Additionally, the platform supports multiple file types and has a portfolio of pre-built projects that serve as templates and inspiration.
  • Learn Python with Ease (and Fun!): embraces both newcomers and Python pros. Anyone can begin programming with minimal Python knowledge. The easy-to-use editor and easy-to-understand syntax enables individuals to quickly get started in building, editing, and sharing their own web applications.  
  • Vibrant Community of Makers: Users can create their own applications from scratch or build on top of existing community projects. PyScript’s ease of development, forking, publishing and sharing enables users around the world to collaborate with one another and share their creations, while having fun.

“After months of highly rigorous and methodical framework development and open-source feedback loops, we’re thrilled to launch,” said Fabio Pliger, Principal Architect at Anaconda and PyScript creator. “From the onset of this project, our team has been deeply focused on the user experience, complementing our existing open-source community involvement. PyScript was built and iterated on to meet the growing need to democratize computing and data science, and create a more data-literate future. We’re on the precipice of change with this easy-to-use framework and excited to see how individuals create their own uniquely Python-powered, interactive applications for the web.”

“Online coding environments have the potential to reduce barriers to entry for newcomers to coding by removing the need to install, debug, and configure new software,” said Dr. Chris Rogers, a professor of mechanical engineering at Tufts University. “As a professor, I’m most excited about the ability to share links to Python-based web applications with other faculty as well as students. Because every student has a different computer with different operating systems, versions, security settings, and CPU power levels, online platforms help all students focus on what they are supposed to be learning, as opposed to figuring out why things are not working on their computers.”

As the platform grows and new technologies emerge, PyScript wants to engage with a group of passionate individuals to help pave the future of PyScript. For the platform’s first year, individuals who are passionate about next-generation web technologies and want to get involved can support the project by purchasing a Founder subscription. Founders get early access to beta features, have a channel for direct feedback to the core devs, and get one-year of unlimited access to new features as they get released. In addition, Founders receive special edition Founders apparel featuring PyScript’s mascot, Rabbit, and get to flaunt their status with in-app Founders username flair forever to honor their commitment and support for the platform. 

For individuals who are aspiring web app programmers and seek a more hands-on approach to building better web applications, they can join the PyScript team on Anaconda’s learning community for two live Getting Started sessions. The first session equips participants with everything they need to build their first PyScript application; in the second session, participants will have the opportunity to showcase their very-first PyScript application and give and receive feedback from the PyScript team. wouldn’t be possible without the incredible support and contributions of the open-source community. The original open-source PyScript project will continue to be maintained with the same steady growth we’ve seen over the past year, and users can expect to see regular improvements and new features that ensure the community remains active, healthy, and open. Both Anaconda and the PyScript team are deeply committed to supporting the open-source Python community and are excited about all the possibilities on the horizon.

Sign up for a account and start building web applications here.

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