Anaconda Joins IBM, Meta, and More in AI Alliance to Advance Open-Source AI Adoption, Safety, and Accessibility

February 8, 2024Anaconda Inc., the leading provider of the world’s most popular source code for AI, machine learning, and data science, today announced its membership in the AI Alliance, an international community of developers, researchers, and organizations dedicated to promoting open, safe, and responsible artificial intelligence (AI). Joined by industry leaders like IBM, Meta, Oracle, and Snowflake, Anaconda is committed to collaboratively advancing AI innovation while ensuring its accessibility and safety.

In its mission to promote the ethical development and deployment of AI, the AI Alliance has established two pivotal working groups focused on AI Safety and Trust Tooling and AI Policy Advocacy. Anaconda will actively participate in both groups, leveraging its vast experience and resources to contribute to the development of:

  • Objective resources and guidance on AI safety, trust, ethics, and cybersecurity.
  • Enhanced tools and methodologies for evaluating AI models and datasets, particularly in areas of sensitive data detection, model quality, and cybersecurity.
  • Benchmarking standards for AI model and application testing, ensuring robust and reliable AI solutions.
  • A forum for open dialogue between the technical community and policymakers, aimed at fostering open innovation in AI.
  • Influential insights and opinions on critical AI policy issues, representing the open-source AI ecosystem in policy discussions.

“This journey is more than AI—it’s the shared pursuit for a future guided by scientific curiosity, relentless innovation, and boundless access in which technology uplifts businesses and society to the highest standards of integrity and responsibility,” said Anaconda CEO Barry Libert. “Anaconda is fully committed to advancing AI transformation, and participating in the AI Alliance mission is a strategic leap forward in this endeavor. This partnership will combine our expertise in open-source data science with the collaborative power of this esteemed community.”

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the collective effort to ensure the responsible growth of AI technologies. Through initiatives like the AI Alliance, Anaconda and its partners are poised to lead the way in creating a more secure, ethical, and open future for AI.

Learn more about Anaconda and open-source AI here.

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