Anaconda Debuts Data Science Expo to Encourage Student Data Literacy

The competition-based expo will host three regional events in 2023 designed to provide a comprehensive and interactive learning experience  

AUSTIN, TX – April 19, 2023 –Anaconda Inc., provider of the world’s most popular data science platform, today unveiled its first-ever Data Science Expo taking place in Austin, Texas on April 22, 2023. This event is the first in a series to engage high school and college-level students in building foundational data science and Python skills, regardless of prior experience.  

The data science industry has boomed over the last decade as the need for data-driven decision-making has grown—boosting data scientist to #3 on Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America for 2022. As the industry thrives and the demand for talent continues to grow, there is an opportunity to upskill the future workforce and remove existing barriers to entry for those curious about the world of coding. True to Anaconda’s overall mission to democratize data science and Python development, the multi-city expo and competition reinforces the company’s desire to invest in younger generations and close the digital divide by providing equal access to the tools and resources students need to build data and Python skills. 

“As we move further into a world dominated by data, AI, and machine learning, it’s critical to provide opportunities for younger generations to keep up with the skills needed to enter the workforce and meet modern data literacy requirements,” said Jessica Reeves, COO, Anaconda. “Nontraditional pathways into data science like expos, mentorship programs, and scholarships can open the door for students to learn about how data impacts the world and how they can be part of that. This first-of-its-kind expo brings together both arts and science to teach students foundational skills in data science and Python and demonstrate how this technology can set them up for success no matter the career they pursue.”

Anaconda hopes that these events pioneer a new way of learning for students to gain the skills needed to adapt and thrive in the future. The competition-style event will feature an Exhibition for students to showcase their projects in front of Anaconda’s expert judges, as well as a live coding challenge, for the chance to win up to $5,000 USD in scholarships.  

Students will have three ways to participate: 

  • An artificial intelligence and machine learning competition (expo style),
  • A data visualization and data storytelling competition (expo style), 
  • A live coding challenge (real-time event). 

The two expo-style competitions strive to attract students with varying passions featuring four broad categories students can enter, including: society; art, music and cinema; sports; and climate. Students can enter more than one category at the event and can choose to enter as a “team,” consisting of up to three students. Winners will be awarded for each competition category and for the live coding challenge. 

“There is a major disparity in access to education for data science and Python skills across the world, and by encouraging participation from students without any formal data science or Python education we’re driving positive change,” said Tanita Mitchell, Education Outreach Specialist, Anaconda. “The Data Science Expo is not a hackathon, but instead provides a comprehensive learning experience where students can showcase their projects through topics rooted in arts and humanities, bringing a mainstream lens to data science for students of all ages.” 

The 2023 regional events will be hosted in:  

To learn more about the Data Science Expo and how to enter the competition, please visit:  

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