Anaconda and Snowflake Announce General Availability of Snowpark for Python Integration

The native integration brings Anaconda to Snowflake Data Cloud users

AUSTIN, TX – November 7, 2022 – Anaconda Inc., provider of the world’s most popular data science platform, today announced that Snowpark for Python, which embeds Anaconda’s data and machine learning packages in Snowflake’s Data Cloud, has entered General Availability (GA).

Snowpark users’ seamless access to Anaconda’s curated package repository helps address two of the biggest challenges data scientists face using open-source software: Meeting InfoSec standards and managing package dependencies in their computing environments. In Anaconda’s 2022 State of Data Science Report, respondents cited fear of vulnerabilities and risks in the software supply chain as the biggest roadblock to leveraging open-source software. Security and dependency management were cited as some of the biggest roadblocks when moving models to a production environment.

“Since we announced the Public preview of Anaconda in Snowpark for Python this June, data scientists have told us that the ability to use their favorite programming language directly inside the database has been a game-changer,” said Peter Wang, CEO and co-founder, Anaconda. “Snowflake users can be more productive with cutting-edge machine learning tools, while meeting the needs of organizational governance; at the production end, it is easier for the business to ‘see’ machine learning models and deploy them into business environments.”

“As a major contributor to open source projects, Snowflake wanted to bring enterprise-grade open-source innovation to the Snowflake Data Cloud,” said Torsten Grabs, Director of Product Management, Snowflake. “By embedding Anaconda’s repository and package manager into the Snowflake engine, data scientists and engineers can use the most popular open source packages without needing to copy or move the data.”

In an age where cybersecurity incidents are among organizations’ greatest threats, Snowpark for Python users’ access to Anaconda helps put the right security and governance guardrails in place for data science workflows.

For more information on Snowpark for Python, please click here.

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