Anaconda Acquires EduBlocks to Empower K-12 Data Literacy and Expand Educational Offerings

With the latest acquisition of EduBlocks, Anaconda expands its core SaaS offerings to provide accessible, cloud-based resources for Python development at all skill levels.

AUSTIN, TX – May 4, 2023 – Anaconda Inc., provider of the world’s most popular data science platform, today announced the acquisition of EduBlocks, a free, web-based, drag-and-drop coding platform built to help K-12 students learn fundamental skills. With EduBlocks, Anaconda expands its reach and offerings for K-12 schools as well as for beginner-level professionals.

By acquiring EduBlocks, Anaconda will expand its SaaS offerings, which already includes Anaconda Learning, Anaconda Notebooks, and As coding becomes easier and more accessible, tools like EduBlocks will be instrumental in helping users of all backgrounds learn to code quickly. Trusted by over 35 million users, educators and school IT staff who use Anaconda now have access to a dedicated partner committed to keeping students safe while teaching the skills of tomorrow. 

“EduBlocks is a perfect fit for Anaconda as it aligns closely with our mission of empowering the world with data literacy,” said Jessica Reeves, COO of Anaconda. “Data literacy and Python are some of the most in-demand job skills and with this acquisition Anaconda will be able to support learners at every level, from students in elementary school to professionals learning new skills for the first time. EduBlocks is an invaluable tool and we’re excited to bring its capabilities into Anaconda’s ecosystem.”  

Based in the United Kingdom and founded in 2016, EduBlocks has 100,000 users across 182 countries. As a fully web-based platform, EduBlocks supports Python 3 and HTML and utilizes a drag-and-drop, block-style coding tool for users to easily create, share, and save projects in the cloud. Ideal for educators and students alike, users can immediately jump into projects without downloading, installing, or configuring any software. Additionally, the platform includes detailed guides, video tutorials, and free curriculum with slideshows & lesson plans to teach fundamental Python programming skills.

While initially built for early learners and classroom settings, EduBlocks’ ability to translate code blocks into real code makes it an effective launchpad for students of all ages to transition their projects to more technical tools, like Jupyter notebooks. EduBlocks also has an integration with Raspberry Pi, a popular educational tool for teaching basic concepts in electrical engineering and computer science. These features align closely with Anaconda’s other SaaS resources, particularly the recently launched, which offers users a free online coding platform to build and deploy Python based web applications directly in the browser.

“As our world becomes increasingly data driven, fostering strong skills in the next generation of data scientists and developers has never been more important,” said Angela Pierce, CFO & President of Anaconda. “EduBlocks delivers a user-friendly and fun experience that makes it the perfect tool for introducing students to the world of coding. This acquisition furthers Anaconda’s mission of democratizing data and Python skills while opening new pathways into the education market.”

Anaconda is deeply committed to teaching the next generation data literacy and Python coding skills that help them thrive in future workplaces. The company recently launched a new series of Data Science Expo events to engage high school and college-level students in building these foundational skills, regardless of prior experience. Through events like the Data Science Expo and acquisitions like this, Anaconda is actively working to close the digital divide and provide equal access to the tools and resources students need.

“Anaconda’s emphasis on data literacy, supporting students, and innovating the learning experience made joining the Anaconda family an obvious choice,” said Joshua Lowe, EduBlocks founder. “I couldn’t be more thrilled to continue to support educators and students, only now at a global level and with the backing of one of the most trusted companies in tech and open source.”

As part of this deal, the EduBlocks team will join Anaconda to improve and integrate the product into Anaconda’s platform. To learn more about EduBlocks, visit

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