Journey to Open Data Science

Why Open Data Science is the Right Approach for Your Team


What is Open Data Science and Why Does it Matter?

Open Data Science is the foundation of availability, innovation, interoperability and transparency in data. It is not a single technology, but a revolution within the data science community. Open Data Science is an inclusive movement that makes open source tools for data science—data, analytics and computation—easily work together as a connected ecosystem.

The Promise of Open Data Science


With Open Data Science, technologies are nonproprietary and open source, making powerful tools available for both individuals and teams. Everyone can access a large and flourishing interconnected ecosystem, giving data science teams access to the most innovative technological advances.


Open Data Science draws innovation from a variety of open source communities, including Python, R, Hadoop, Scala and others. These communities use broad-based peer reviews that quickly optimize the research trajectory, making the latest developments in science instantly available.


Technologies across the open source ecosystem are integrated through Open Data Science. Open source contributors leverage existing know-how, code and tools to eradicate typical boundaries established by proprietary vendors that previously prevented interoperability.


There is an abundance of Open Data Science technologies that disclose algorithms and processing techniques to the public via open source. This transparency inspires further innovation, as anyone from the community can check the aptness of the analytics.

Ready to Migrate Your Analytics to Open Data Science?

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How Anaconda Empowers Your Data Science Team

Anaconda brings different Open Data Science technologies—from Hadoop and machine learning to distributed processing—together to empower everyone on your organization's data science team. The Anaconda Platform is the leading and only Open Data Science platform that allows anyone on your team to leverage data, analytics and computation for accelerated time-to-value. By connecting data scientists to the vast open source ecosystem, Anaconda brings all data science roles together to easily create, collaborate and deploy data science solutions.

Through Anaconda, data science teams can:

  • Leverage the full power and innovation of open source for all your data science needs
  • Collaborate in a secure fashion with teams across the globe
  • Integrate legacy analytics to maximize your investments
  • Reduce costs while experiencing new freedom to select the best tool and architecture that fits your enterprise now and in the future