Time-Saving Sample Projects

Propel Progress Further, Faster. 

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Project Variety

Choose from a wide range of sample projects across different domains, problems, and datasets, suitable for users of all backgrounds.

Community Contributions

Community Users can share, contribute, and remix sample projects, enriching the project repository and encouraging knowledge exchange. 

Integrated Development Environment

Anaconda’s integrated IDE provides tools for exploring, running, and customizing sample projects, utilizing VSCode, Jupyter Notebooks, JupyterLab, and more.

Customized Sample Projects

Upload sample projects tailored to specific teams with pre-defined environments, datasets, and access controls.

Quickstart Solutions

Get started immediately and accelerate time to business value.

Data Science & AI Workbench

Access sample projects to jumpstart data science and AI model development. 

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AI Navigator

Get started with pre-built AI models to build and deploy quickly. 

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Use the provided data catalogs to get started building immediately in Notebooks.

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