Introducing AI Navigator: Your Secure Desktop Gateway to Generative AI

Steve Croce

The Anaconda team is thrilled to announce the public beta launch of AI Navigator, Anaconda’s newest product designed to bring the power of large language models (LLMs) directly to your desktop. Getting started is as simple as downloading AI Navigator to become part of Anaconda’s public beta for free and begin exploring its capabilities.

What is AI Navigator?

AI Navigator is a new desktop application from Anaconda that enables you to browse, download, and run Generative AI Models directly on your device. It features a user-friendly interface to guide you through our catalog of LLMs with various parameter counts, sizes, and capabilities so you can find the right model for your specific device—in a secure and private desktop environment. This tool allows you to experiment with and leverage these models to meet your specific use cases and organizational requirements. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional in AI, AI Navigator opens up new possibilities for innovation and efficiency.

AI Navigator is closely aligned with the Anaconda Navigator desktop application, used by millions of data practitioners to create, manage, and launch the data science and machine learning applications that they use every day. Making data science and machine learning tools and applications accessible, easy to use, and secure has always been the mission for Anaconda, and we now look to bring that same ease of access, ease of use, and security to generative AI.  Downloading and running AI models on your device is still difficult and finding a reliable source for models, choosing models to work with, and selecting runtimes that fit your machine are challenging tasks. We’re making that easier today with AI Navigator, where you can use an LLM locally in just a few clicks!

Key Features and Benefits

AI Navigator is designed to complement and enhance your daily workflows and is the first of a number of new generative AI capabilities coming to the Anaconda ecosystem. To build AI Navigator, the Anaconda team started with our own curated set of open-source LLMs, hosted them on our secure infrastructure, and created mechanisms to ensure their authenticity. We then quantize the models ourselves to ensure they can run (almost) everywhere and then offer them securely via AI Navigator.

Key features of AI Navigator include:

  • User-friendly interface: Designed for ease of use, AI Navigator ensures that both technical and non-technical users can browse, download, and run AI models with a few clicks.
  • Secure access to LLMs: Choose from over 200 pre-trained LLMs, consisting of 54 models, each with four different quantization levels. You can experiment with different models on your desktop to find the one that strikes the right balance of size, response time, and capability for your system and workload.
  • Experimentation and deployment: Test different models and configurations to find the best fit for your use case by using our built-in chat interface or API inference server to integrate with your own applications.

AI Navigator Means Business

AI Navigator is not just for individuals. For businesses, LLMs promise massive opportunity and value to the enterprise, but cloud-hosted LLMs can introduce compliance, cost, and privacy concerns. AI Navigator enables an organization to embrace LLMs in their day-to-day work while also mitigating those risks. AI Navigator’s local models ensure that proprietary company data never leaves your device, while curated and governed models on the desktop ensure that you’re only running trusted and proven models.

Each user will have the ability to interact with locally running LLMs without sending any private information off of their device to unknown cloud services and infrastructure providers. As we continue to build out the product, IT administrators will have the ability to manage and choose the models that meet their corporate guidelines.

By offering access to a wide variety of large-language models (LLMs) within a secure desktop environment, AI Navigator empowers organizations to select the model that provides the best responses and performance for their industry.

Here are examples of how different industries can leverage local LLMs to drive efficiency, improve decision-making, and deliver better experiences for their customers and employees.

  • Finance: Develop customized agents for market analysis, risk assessment, and automation of internal processes.
  • Healthcare: Enhance patient care with AI-driven diagnostic tools, personalized treatment plans, and efficient administrative processes.
  • Customer service: Create intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants that improve customer interaction and satisfaction.
  • Manufacturing: Build tools to implement predictive maintenance, optimize supply chain logistics, and create effective training for new employees.
  • Education: Develop personalized learning experiences, automate administrative tasks, and analyze educational outcomes.
  • Government: Leverage local, secure LLMs and computing to experiment with generative AI without compromising your security stance.

Get Started with AI Navigator

We invite you to learn more about AI Navigator and join the public beta by downloading the application today. Experience first-hand how this powerful tool can transform your approach to AI and data science, providing a proving ground for generative AI in the safety and security of your own desktop.

Learn more and download AI Navigator

Join us in this exciting journey as we continue to empower everyone with the tools they need to succeed in the age of AI. Stay tuned for updates as we roll out new features and improvements.

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