How Anaconda Is Advocating for Data Science in K-12 Education

As the world becomes more data driven and data intensive, we must empower our younger generations with the education necessary for success in the Data Age. The standard K-12 curriculum has not kept pace with modern requirements for data literacy, and access to data science education is one of the most important aspects of solving this problem. Data literacy largely requires a computer, internet, and an expert teacher—ingredients that aren’t always available in a consistent, inclusive way across the world today. While Anaconda cannot solve this accessibility problem alone, we are standing up programs to help move the needle.

Sponsorship of NCSSM Data Science Program

This year, we partnered with the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) on a program through which educators came together to learn about the curriculum, pedagogy, and tools necessary for teaching the foundations of data science.

Learning Modules

With an Anaconda subscription, users can now access tailored on-demand courses, an online coding environment, and other resources—all on Anaconda Nucleus, our education and community engagement platform. Learning material is specifically curated for users who are just getting started, in need of some refreshers, or ready to take their data science skills to the next level.

Data Science Expo

Anaconda is excited to launch a competition allowing high school students to showcase data science projects and win scholarships. Learning material is provided for free, as are “Open Office Hours,” during which students can access our in-house experts. The competition is designed to apply data science to real-world topics like society, the climate, sports, and the arts. Click here to learn more.

Education Outreach

We have a team dedicated to understanding the needs of both students and educators, that takes feedback from the education community back to our development teams building valuable solutions. The team also offers curriculum development guidance and a pathway for students to speak with Anaconda experts.

These programs reflect just a few ways Anaconda is working to increase accessibility to K-12 data science education. It will take real community intention and effort to make such data science education more pervasive, but we are proud to be striding in the right direction. To learn more or connect with our education outreach team, contact [email protected].

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