Yesterday Python 3.5.0 final was released, and today we are happy to announce that Python 3.5, as well as many packages built against Python 3.5, are available through conda.

There are many interesting new features in Python 3.5, most notably coroutines with async and await syntax, as well as the new matrix multiplication operator ’@’.

We do not have any Miniconda installers based on Python 3.5 yet, but are going to base our Miniconda3 installer on Python 3.5 in the future. So, currently, the easiest way to get Python 3.5 from us is to create a conda environment. For example:

$ conda create -n py35 python=3.5

Once the Python 3.5 conda environment is created, you can install Python packages into it. We currently have most Anaconda Python packages available on Unix, and are working on Windows packages.

The Anaconda 2.4 release (which we have planned for the end of October) will feature Python 3.5 as the default Python version for our Anaconda3 installers.