We are pleased to announce the release of version 0.3 of the Bokeh plotting library. This release sees the BokehJS browser runtime merged into the Bokeh project for much simplified building and deployment. We also took the opportunity to fix several bugs, add more examples, and improve the documentation. OK, we snuck a few new features in as well!


While a sophisticated animation interface is planned for the future, it is already possible to animate Bokeh plots by simply updating the data stored in the Bokeh plot server periodically:

The Bokeh plot server mode can now be used in IPython notebooks as well.

Novel plots

The ability to build up sophisticated plots by composing simple glyphs flexibly has always been a design goal of Bokeh. With some improvements to the high level plotting API (and an expanded user guide) it is easier than ever to create interesting and novel visualizations.

Here we see a recreation of Will Burtin’s original “Antibiotics” plot.

For more information about Bokeh, including an interactive plot gallery, visit the Bokeh website.

Coming up…

After taking this pause to improve the project structure and squash some bugs, we are excited to start working on 0.4. The next release is targeted for early 2014 and will include improved layout using Cassowary.js, initial integration of Abstract Rendering features, and improved tool interactions.

See our Roadmap for more details.

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