Yesterday we released the newest version of Anaconda, our premier Python distribution, and with it, we’ve also made a number of changes to our product offering.

Version 1.4 Changes

The latest release, version 1.4, includes an improved Windows installer (and uninstaller), newer versions of many currently included packages, and several new packages: astropy, lxml, pycparser, xlrd, and xlwt. Custom environments with Python 2.6 and 3.3 are also available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows through our Python package manager, conda.

For more detailed information about the product changes in Anaconda v1.4, please visit the change log.

Anaconda Product Changes

We are simplifying our product line-up to make it easier for our users and customers to get the software they need. As of version 1.4, there is now only one edition of Anaconda, and it is FREE for everyone to use and redistribute. We no longer need to distinguish between a free and a premium Python distribution, so Anaconda CE is simply called Anaconda.

This distribution still contains all of the most popular numerical and scientific Python libraries used by scientists, engineers and data analysts (see all packages) and our flexible installer and package manager, conda. It also still allows for the mixing and matching of different versions of Python, NumPy, SciPy, etc., and the easy switching between environments.

Non-free libraries previously included in the premium version of Anaconda are now available as individual Add-On packages, IOPro and Accelerate.


IOPro is a fast, memory-efficient Python interface for databases, NoSQL stores, Amazon S3, and large data files. It loads NumPy arrays (and Pandas DataFrames) directly from files, SQL databases, and NoSQL stores without creating millions of temporary, intermediate Python objects or requiring expensive array resizing operations. With efficient access to Amazon S3, streamlined ODBC data conversion, and a fast MongoDB adapter, IOPro is available for just $199.00. For more information, visit the IOPro page.

Anaconda Accelerate

For those who want to speed up their Anaconda experience, Anaconda Accelerate includes NumbaPro, Intel Math Kernel Libraries (MKL), and wiseRF Pine. NumbaPro enables Python developers to easily compile their own code to multi-core and GPU architectures. Intel MKL (currently available only on Linux) optimizes NumPy, SciPy, NumExpr, and scikit-image for improved speed and capability. wiseRF Pine is a parallel Random Forest algorithm to optimize rapid machine learning. All of these things are available in Accelerate for only $499.00. Learn more on the Anaconda Accelerate page.


At Continuum, we’re very excited for these changes and hope they better fit your needs. If you currently have Anaconda CE or Anaconda on your computer, don’t worry! All you need to do is use conda to update to version 1.4, and it will continue to work as before.

Updating Anaconda CE to Anaconda 1.4:

$ conda update conda
$ conda update anaconda

Updating Anaconda 1.3.1 to Anaconda 1.4 + Add-Ons (IOPro & Accelerate):

$ conda update conda
$ conda update anaconda
$ conda update IOPro
$ conda install accelerate

Note: Academic & previously purchased Anaconda Licenses are valid for all Anaconda Add-ons.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].