Continuum Analytics has been a collaborator with the folks at Project Jupyter, an open source web application that allows the creation and sharing of documents with live code, equations and visualizations, for over a decade. We are excited to announce a $100,000 donation to the Jupyter Notebook team through Fernando Perez of UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Brian Granger of Cal Poly. This donation will enable the Jupyter team to expand into new areas and further broaden and enhance its core activities. 

We are long-time friends of the Jupyter team and an Institutional Partner of Project Jupyter. Continuum developer Damian Avila currently sits as a Jupyter Steering Council member, and Chris Colbert leads the phosphor.js team in partnership with Bloomberg, which will be used as the foundation for JupyterLab, the next-generation of the Jupyter Notebook frontend. We are incredibly pleased that we are in a position to help such an immensely useful and innovative project move forward and break new ground. 

As the Continuum Analytics team and Anaconda project continues to advance, we will continue to support and advocate for the open source community both directly and through NumFOCUS