Back to School: Data Science & AI Open New Doors for Students

School is back in session and now is the time students are thinking about their future—what classes should I take? What should I major in? What career should I choose? When considering options, science-oriented students are likely thinking about what is arguably today’s hottest technology: artificial intelligence (AI).

While AI is not a new concept (it was founded as an academic discipline in 1956), it has evolved over the last years to a point where it is ubiquitous, improving our everyday lives in ways we cannot even see. While AI is sometimes feared for the possibility it will someday surpass human intellect and render us futile, there’s another school of thought around AI—it is driving a range of new career opportunities. In fact, AI is the top job in the US, and instead of fearing it, people should consider embracing it as an opportunity. While every industry is impacted in some way by AI and data science, this role is particularly in high demand in the healthcare, retail and automotive industries.

“…every industry is impacted in some way by AI and data science.”


Jobs held by AI trained professionals in the healthcare industry include working with artificial limbs, prosthetics, vision restoration, electronic record keeping and more. The future of healthcare is data driven for doctors and patients alike, making AI the technology of choice for progress in this field. Luckily for students and future graduates, an interest in data science can now complement a career in healthcare. For example, Recursion Pharmaceuticals is using data science to uncover remedies for rare genetic diseases. If you’re a person with an interest in data science and the impact it has and will continue to have, healthcare may be your calling.


Retail is arguably one of the most relevant markets in 2017 and AI is playing a part—recent data shows that 77 percent of consumers feel AI can “transform their shopping experiences.” Companies are quickly realizing the benefits of using AI to better understand their customers’ behavior and preferences. With the help of data science, it is easier than ever to collect customer data for analysis leading to a differentiated customer experience. The need for analysts is opening doors for data scientists in retail – perfect for a student whose interest falls between consumer and data analytics. As a data scientist, you can support customer experience strategy, merchandising, marketing and many other differentiating factors.

“77 percent of consumers feel AI can transform their shopping experiences.'”


AI augments and complements the fourth industrial revolution—especially in the auto industry. The demand for automotive AI hardware continues to grow with a market forecast of $14 billion by 2025, indicating the critical need for data scientists. Students can join the AI revolution and the fast-paced auto industry as it works to perfect what is arguably the most anticipated innovation of the century—autonomous vehicles. Picking a career has never been more exciting for the data and tech loving student.

To upcoming graduates: do not fear AI—embrace it! Artificial intelligence is red hot and central to our future worldwide. There is no industry, department or job title that won’t benefit from AI; a recent PwC report found that two in three people believe technology will improve their job prospects. Healthcare, retail and automotive are just the beginning of new opportunities for young professionals.

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