A New Way To Connect with Other Anaconda Users

Back in December 2021, we launched the Anaconda Community, our first-ever space for users to get insights into the newest developments in the world of data, get “unstuck” where they may have a problem, and reach out for technical help. It also allows individuals to engage with other professionals and ask questions to the broader data community.

Why we launched the Anaconda Community

There are so many different places on the web to ask questions, get support, and talk to someone, but with so many other avenues also comes so many different types of responses. Over the years, we’ve had users reaching out to us via Hacker News, Github, Stack Overflow, Google Groups, Facebook Messenger, and more. While we do our best to connect with our community in all of these different hubs, we wanted to provide a single source of truth where everyone can quickly get reliable information directly from our Anaconda team and our community of users. The Anaconda Community is now our number one source for community support for our non-enterprise users to help solve problems quickly without opening a support ticket.

Why join our Community

Besides being a great place to get support, it also provides direct access to others in the field and experts from our Anaconda team. Suppose you’re a beginner starting your data career or just downloading Anaconda for the first time. In that case, our forums provide a great place to ask questions and begin familiarizing yourself with the Anaconda ecosystem. Since our Anaconda Community connects to Anaconda Nucleus, it offers a unified experience for getting quick-start guides, videos, and other resources to support your learning journey. If there is a topic related to your question or interest, you can simply search our community forums and find related resources or questions.

Beyond just technical Anaconda-related topics, users can also dive deeper into industry-related issues. Whether you have questions about your data science or software engineering career, want to discuss the nitty-gritty of Python, or talk about a recent industry trend, we have various experts and team members interested in engaging in those conversations. It makes networking and collaborating with professionals of similar interests easy and impactful.

How to get started

How do you join the Anaconda Community? Getting started is simple. All you need to do is make sure you have an Anaconda Nucleus account. You can sign up at: https://anaconda.cloud/

Once you’re registered and set up your account, click ‘Community’ on the upper navigation toolbar, and you will be taken to various topics and group categories.

If you’re new to Anaconda Nucleus and unsure how to take advantage of all of the features and capabilities, you can learn more about the platform on our blog here.

What’s next for the Anaconda Community

The biggest goal for our community is to connect our end users with experts and make their experience of using our products and tools positive and effective. We will be sure to share more insight into our community’s future as we roll out new features! We also are looking forward to receiving feedback and learning about the features and benefits users use most.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you! Tell us if you’ve joined our community by tweeting at us or telling us that you read this blog post in the forums.

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