Anaconda 2019.03 Release

Windows is the most popular operating system in the world and consistently has 75% or more of the worldwide desktop market. According to the JetBrains Python Developers Survey, 49% of Python developers use Windows as their desktop operating system. Previous Windows releases of Anaconda Distribution included a command shell specifically for running conda and Python scripts. The 2019.03 release features full conda integration with Windows Powershell.

In addition to Powershell integration, this release addresses the issue of slow uninstalls of Anaconda on Windows. Working with shared libraries in Windows can be tricky and we’re working to resolve conflicts by setting an environmental variable to gracefully handle library conflicts commonly known as DLL Hell.

This release includes conda 4.6.11, an update from our initial release of conda 4.6.0. Features for the 4.6 release are detailed in this article. Since the release, we’ve been updating conda based on community input. Thank you and kudos to the Anaconda community for helping us continuously improve conda as a leading package manager.

Over 100 packages have been updated in the 2019.03 installers – notably SciPy, NumPy, Pandas, MKL, Numba, Dask, PyTables, OpenSSL and Cryptography. For a full list of packages updated, see the release notes. Anaconda Distribution continues to evolve with the needs of the Python community; because Linux 32-bit packages are a small fraction of downloads, 2019.03 is the first release without linux-32 installers. As previously announced, linux-32 packages will not be updated.

Anaconda is committed to making R and R packages first-class citizens in the Anaconda ecosystem. To that end, we will focus on providing the latest R and CRAN packages. Anaconda will archive MRO and MRO packages that were available as of December 2018. We encourage migration to Anaconda R. To migrate, follow the instructions found in the Anaconda documentation.

Announced at AnacondaCON is our partnership with JetBrains. We’re in the early stages of our partnership and are working on integrating Anaconda Distribution with PyCharm. If you haven’t used PyCharm, download it or use the link provided in the installer and give PyCharm for Anaconda a try.

Get Anaconda 2019.03 now! Or you can use conda to update to Anaconda 2019.03 with conda install anaconda=2019.03

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