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A movement that brings together millions of data science practitioners, data-driven enterprises, and the open source community.

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Not just
point solutions.
Powerful solving.

Anaconda was built by data scientists, for data scientists. More than 20 million people use our technology to solve the toughest problems.

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    Tackle any challenge

    Anaconda solutions are serious technology for real data science and ML applications. Anaconda is versatile - you'll be ready to solve problems you don't even know you have yet.

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    Own your destiny

    Your business challenges change every day. Only open-source innovation can keep pace with your needs. Never be stuck waiting for a vendor to add a feature again.

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    Stay safe and secure

    Catch vulnerabilities before they catch you. Control access to models, data, and packages. Know the who, what, when, and where of every project.

Why it matters

  • Deliver on your data strategy
  • Get to market faster
  • Maximize flexibility and control
  • Attract and keep the best talent

The modern world of data science is incredibly dynamic. Every day, new challenges surface - and so do incredible innovations. To win in this context, organizations need to give their teams the most versatile, powerful data science and machine learning technology so they can innovate fast - without sacrificing security and governance.

We call that powerful solving.

The data science
platform for all


2020 State of Data Science: Moving from hype toward maturity

The good news is, the hype around data science and machine learning is giving way to reality. But the bad news is that we've got a long way to go before we achieve maturity. Enterprises, academics, and data professionals have work to do before the discipline can really deliver on its potential for business and society.

Our 2020 State of Data Science report takes a look.

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Supercharge your data science efforts with Anaconda.

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