Software Supply Chain Risks are Evolving

Make sure your security program stays one step ahead.

Our open-source security experts will help you identify your unique risk areas, and provide customized next steps to enhance the security of your open-source pipeline.

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Attacks are on the rise!

Regulatory Requirements are Changing

In May 2021, President Joe Biden signed an executive order mandating changes for companies that do business with the federal government to how they secure their software.

In March 2022, President Biden signed into law the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act, creating new reporting obligations for owners and operators of critical infrastructure.

Anaconda Can Help

Anaconda is rooted in the open-source ecosystem, and has deep expertise in addressing critical vulnerabilities found in open-source software. For a limited time, Anaconda is offering free 30-minute security consultations. These expert-led consultations will help you identify risks in your software supply chain, learn best practices to address those risks, and ensure you’re prepared to meet changing regulatory requirements.

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Meet Our Open-Source Security Experts

Hassam Mian

Hassam is Anaconda’s lead Senior Sales Engineer. With a deep background in open-source technologies and vendor applications in the enterprise data science space, Hassam helps commercial clients across all industries implement and adopt best practices for open-source governance and vulnerability management.

Fara Manjili

Fara is a Sales Engineer at Anaconda. With over 15 years of experience across technical and strategic roles including Solution Architect, Sales Engineer, Implementation, and Project Management, Fara helps commercial clients securely leverage open-source tools.

Frank Yang

Frank is Anaconda’s Senior Technical Account Manager. With a wealth of experience designing and implementing solutions for some of the world’s largest financial institutions, Frank helps organizations leverage open-source software to execute high-value initiatives without compromising on security and governance.

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