Managing Security and Compliance

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Secure Your Python Supply Chain
from a World of Risk

Number of new CVEs in 2022



Anticipated cost of cybercrime by 2025




of software supply chains will be attacked in 2025



Trust, Verify, and Protect Your Python Supply Chain with Anaconda

Open-Source Software Community

Cloud and On Prem

Anaconda Packages and Environments


IT Admin





  • Software package vulnerabilities
  • Security and regulatory compliance
  • Risk awareness
  • Data protection
  • User access management


  • Controlled package management
  • Isolated environments
  • Audit trails
  • Centralized workflow management
  • Role-based access controls

Empower Users to Build and Deploy Secure Python Solutions, Faster

Anaconda’s integration, data security, and user-access tools accelerate business-value achievement.

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Security Teams Face Multi-Faceted Risks

Securing Against Risks

Open-source software can increase supply chain attacks and exposures to vulnerabilities.

Ensuring Compliance

Reviewing software licensing and third-party source code is critical to avoiding regulatory issues.

Attack Awareness

Identifying software supply chain attacks and mitigating their effects is a foundational focus.

Protecting Sensitive Data

Teams must prevent data breaches and unauthorized access, theft, or misuse of data.

Access Management

IT administrators must control user access to ensure optimal security and compliance.

Centralized, Enterprise-Grade Security and Compliance

Centralized Package Management

Provide users one-stop access to trusted and verified software packages.

Isolated Environments

Curate required packages and dependencies that are compliant with regulatory frameworks.

Audit Trails

Track and manage the use of software packages to comply with licensing requirements.

Centralized Resource Management

Leverage one platform to manage open-source resources and guard against cost overruns.

Role-Based Access Controls

Authorize users who can install and run software packages and access critical data and software.

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