Judging Criteria

There will be two phases of judging.  The first phase will review the fundamentals of your project. For phase two, each team will present their project orally, providing a comprehensive overview of their project.  Projects are scored 1-5, with 5 being Excellent.

Phase 1:

Identification of Problem/ Theme Data Integrity Design Storytelling **For Data Visualization/ Storytelling Prototype and Testing **For AI/Machine Learning
The problem statement is clear and interesting; the title of the project accurately reflects the data. All data in the project is accurate and not manipulated manually. Data source/flow is presented for each image, chart, or function. The overall quality of the project Design aesthetic: limited clutter, good use of color contrast and patterns. Visual communication is  clear Graphs and storyboards are structured and organized. Storytelling topics and elements are based on data analysis. Provide limitations and insights for further research. Visualizations support a compelling story. Suggested stakeholders are identified that is involved or impacted. Define requirements needed to test your prototype. Evidence of a prototype testing is provided to show, representation and trained tasks are met using a defined user requirement. A prototype or model is created to successfully meet user requirements and models how users access the solution.

Phase 2:

CommunicationPresentationReflection & Problem-SolvingPassionLength
The presentation is well-paced and communicated. The logical sequence is obvious.Process, insights, and a solution to your project are presented orally. Explanation of project solution. Visual and/or, physical artifact, website, or app is presented to explain how users access the solution.
Provide a balanced picture of the project by reflecting on positive aspects of the project, areas that needed improvement, and future ideas to implement. is demonstrated by team members.Presentation is within a 5-min range.