Judging Criteria

There will be two phases of judging.  The first phase will review the fundamentals of your project. For phase two, each team will present their project orally, providing a comprehensive overview of their project.  Projects are scored 1-5, with 5 being Excellent.

Phase 1:

Identification of Problem/ ThemeData IntegrityDesign
The problem statement is clear and interesting; the title of the project accurately reflects the data.All data in the project is accurate and not manipulated manually. Data source/flow is presented for each image, chart, or function.The overall quality of the project Design aesthetic: limited clutter, good use of color contrast and patterns. Visual communication is  clear

Phase 2:

CommunicationPresentationReflection & Problem-SolvingPassionLength
The presentation is well-paced and communicated. The logical sequence is obvious.Process, insights, and a solution to your project are presented orally. Explanation of project solution. Visual and/or, physical artifact, website, or app is presented to explain how users access the solution.
Provide a balanced picture of the project by reflecting on positive aspects of the project, areas that needed improvement, and future ideas to implement. is demonstrated by team members.Presentation is within a 5-min range.