Competition & Event Descriptions

AI and ML Event

You and/or your team will create a project based on a theme that addresses or solves a problem. Your project will:

  • Demonstrate how you can solve a problem using AI
  • Show who can benefit from your proposed solution
  • Show how someone can access your solution (via a website, app, etc.)


  • Create a recommendation system (use data sets/algorithms to predict a user’s choice and offer better recommendations for music, movies, etc.)
  • Create a classification system (use data sets to correctly identify or classify items like “fake news,” music genres, etc.)
  • Create a prediction system (use data sets/algorithms to predict trends in social media, rideshare, and delivery services)
  • Build a recognition system (sign language recognition, face filters, gesture-controlled video games, chat box)

Visualization Event

Your project should consider the following:

  • Identify a problem or question you will explore
  • Find unseen patterns based on data to tell a compelling and engaging story that supports your findings
  • Use charts and graphs to represent the data sets that will give your viewers meaningful insights
  • Establish recommendations from your data analysis. Who can benefit from your proposed solution?



Are you a sports lover and enjoy looking at stats to see who should be favored to be inducted in the next hall of fame or win a championship? Discover patterns and find trends in sports datasets to tell a fun and exciting data story with sports.


Bring awareness to how climate patterns and trends are shaping our planet today. Create visualizations with climate data sets that help shape your compelling story around climate and its effects on the planet.

Social Media/Society

Social media surrounds our everyday life. How has social media impacted our society? Create a powerful story using social media data sets to explain how social media impacts our society.


Are you a lover of art, music, or cinema? Tell a compelling story by choosing art, music, or cinema to expose patterns and trends that keep an audience engaged and entertained from art, music, or cinema data sets.

Live Coding Challenge

Anaconda has partnered with Auto Auto to provide a fun and exciting live coding challenge! All Live Coding Challenge participants will need to have a basic understanding of the Python language. You will receive your challenge(s) the day of the event.

To prepare for the live coding challenge, a link has been sent to all coaches to sign up all student participants for a free self-paced course to get you acclimated to programming autonomous cars. You will need this skill to compete in the live coding challenge.

Contact [email protected] if:

  • You are a student team without a coach and need help to register for the self-paced course.
  • You have additional questions about the live coding event