Career Growth

We take pride in ensuring every functional area of the business has an equal opportunity for career progression, and believe it is essential to be transparent about the principles and processes that drive an individual's career movement. We have career mapping tracks for individual contributors and people managers that allow each person to see the steps necessary to reach their next level. Check out what our career mapping looks like for an individual contributor at Anaconda.

Individual Contributor Track

  • Often times entry-level to discipline
  • Follows prescribed directions and tasks
  • Learning to be a resource for your team


  • Most skills are developed
  • Main focus is developing self
  • Resource for your team, can work independently


  • Skills are developed
  • Same level as Lead in manager track
  • May mentor more junior employees in group


  • Skills are deeply developed
  • Same level as Manager in manager track
  • Can work independently and can lead projects


  • Same level as Director on management track
  • Highly skilled and teaches others
  • Often lead on challenging cross departmental problems


  • Highest level of Individual Contributor path
  • Same level as VP on management track
  • Seen as a company resource across different functions

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