Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

Bridge the gap between your Data Science and IT teams. Operationalize machine learning workflows and drive value from your AI initiatives.

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Generate Value with Integration

Faster Time-to-Market

Automating MLOps streamlines your model deployment, enabling you to achieve a faster time-to-market and rapidly deliver value to your stakeholders and customers.

Improved Model Performance

Simplified model deployment enables you to achieve a faster time-to-market and rapidly deliver value to your stakeholders. 

Enhanced Collaboration

Encourage collaboration between your data scientists and IT operations teams, fostering knowledge sharing. 

Scalability and Efficiency

Automated MLOps unlocks dynamic scalability. Always be meeting the current needs of your organization, without down time.

Data Science & AI Workbench 

Model Deployment

Package and deploy machine learning models into production environments, including containerization solutions like Docker and Kubernetes. Seamless integration with deployment pipelines and orchestration frameworks, simplifying the process of deploying models at scale.


Dynamically allocate resources and scale infrastructure to handle increased workloads and data volumes. With support for cloud computing environments and elastic scaling capabilities. Deploy and manage machine learning workflows efficiently.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Monitor the performance and health of deployed models, including monitoring dashboards, logging frameworks, and anomaly detection capabilities. Set up automated monitoring and maintenance processes to ensure the reliability and accuracy of deployed models over time.

Version Control and Reproducibility

Built-in support for version control and reproducibility of machine learning experiments, models, and data. With integrated version control systems like Git and support for containerization, Workbench enables organizations to track changes to models and reproduce experiments reliably.


MLOps with Anaconda’s Data Science Platform and MLFlow

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