Anaconda Enters a New Chapter


Today I am excited to announce that I am stepping into the role of CEO at Anaconda. Although I am a founder of the company and have previously served as president, this marks the first time I am serving in the role of chief executive.

The entire world is undergoing a revolution in computation and data analytics — a revolution that we helped start almost 10 years ago, at the dawn of modern data science.

As I take the helm, I can’t help but be astounded by how much and how quickly the technology landscape has changed. Companies have quickly grown through the Hadoop/Spark “big data” hype cycle and are adopting machine learning into their businesses at breakneck speed. At one time we had to advocate for the use of Python in businesses and prompt them to engage with the SciPy/PyData ecosystem. Now Python data science is one of the most in-demand IT skills across every industry.

This growth in adoption has definitely created new opportunities, both for our customers and for our friends in the open-source community. I’m excited to lead the company as we continue evolving our enterprise platform, innovating new solutions for the market, and investing in core aspects of our distribution and package repository. I’m also committed to engaging deeply with the open-source community. Anaconda will continue to set an example of how commercial companies can play well with the community ethos.

I am very appreciative of our previous CEO Scott Collison. Under his leadership, we grew from an open-source consultancy into a true product company, put a world-class leadership team in place, and launched our enterprise machine learning platform. He made a lasting impact on our company’s evolution.

Finally, I’m grateful for the trust and engagement of our customers, partners, and the community throughout the years. I look forward to leading Anaconda as we continue to drive innovation in the space and engage with our global user community. Stay tuned!

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