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As part of our commitment to making AI and data science easy, open, and accessible, Anaconda’s Cloud Suite offers Anaconda Assistant, Data Catalog, Panel App Deployment, and more to help you on your journey to building and deploying your own applications.

Anaconda Assistant is a dynamic AI-powered tool designed to help data scientists, developers, and researchers streamline their work and uncover new breakthroughs. Chat with Anaconda Assistant for help with your Jupyter Notebook coding experience and leverage the latest in AI to instantly accomplish data tasks like generating plots, describing dataframes, generating code snippets, debugging errors, and asking follow-up questions.

Anaconda Assistant comes packed with numerous advanced features that aim to enhance productivity and create a seamless work experience for users.
The AI Assistant has capabilities such as:

Quick and easy conversations: Interact with state-of-the-art AI models; pose questions, ask for code examples, or clarify concepts directly within your notebook.
Generating code that runs in your notebook: Our Anaconda assistant not only recommends code snippets but ensures that the provided code runs seamlessly within your Anaconda Notebook environment.
Code explanation and improvement: Select a piece of code and have the AI assistant explain its functionality, add comments to aid understanding, or suggest improvements for optimization.
Automated plotting code generation: The AI assistant can generate code for plotting data in DataFrames, offering multiple plotting ideas to choose from and providing an engaging visual representation of your data.
Insightful data analysis: Anaconda Assistant identifies useful data within DataFrames and offers insights into why that data might be significant for your project, helping you make informed decisions.
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