Being the defacto leader in Open Data Science, we wanted to learn more about the executive requirement for Open Data Science in enterprise and conducted the first ever Open Data Science Survey. This illuminating flagship survey delivers surprising insight along with validating stats for those familiar with the data science industry.

This report, “Winning at Data Science: How Teamwork Leads to Victory,” on the state of data science highlights is now available for download.

Based on a survey of 200 data science and analytics decision makers across organizations in the United States with input from 500 data scientists, this report examines key trends as data science is adopted in the enterprise including:

  • 95% of enterprises are using an open source approach for data science
  • Data science is crucial to getting value from Big Data
  • Collaboration is becoming a critical need in modern data science teams
  • A comparison of beliefs among enterprise decision-makers and data scientists in the trenches
  • Typical barriers enterprises face in adopting Open Data Science