Envision a world where data scientists can regularly deploy AI and machine learning projects into production at scale, quickly delivering insights into the hands of decision-makers. How would that impact your business?
Anaconda Enterprise supports your organization no matter the size, easily scaling from a single user on one laptop to thousands of machines. No headaches, no IT nightmares.

Anaconda Enterprise gave us everything we needed in a nice, neat package…[Our] data scientists are happy they can concentrate on using the tools rather than maintaining them.”

Will Collins
Analytics Development Leader, National Grid

Anaconda for Data Scientists

Directly from the platform and without involving DevOps, data scientists can develop and deploy AI and machine learning models rapidly into production. Anaconda provides the tools needed to easily:

  • Collect data from files, databases, and data lakes
  • Manage environments with Conda (all package dependencies are taken care of at the time of download)
  • Share, collaborate on, and reproduce projects
  • Deploy projects into production with the single click of a button

Data scientists that work in silos struggle to add value for their organization. That’s why Anaconda created an integrated, end-to-end data experience. Learn more about Anaconda Enterprise and how it can help your business.

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Anaconda for IT

The race to adopt machine learning practices in every industry means enterprise data scientists have to build, train, and deploy models at speed and scale. To do this, IT must give data teams access to the essential tools needed to deliver business value. Putting the right infrastructure in place and making efficient use of resources, while not compromising the organization’s security, is a common challenge for IT. Anaconda Enterprise helps solve this by:

  • Providing powerful open source tools in a centralized, collaborative, and version-controlled environment
  • Offering a package repository
  • Giving the ability to monitor data science activity via auditing, versioning, and logging
  • Automating model training and deployment on scalable, container-based infrastructure

Anaconda Enterprise can be installed from public clouds to bare metal servers in air-gapped, on-premises environments to fit the needs of every business. Learn more about our enterprise-ready platform.

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Anaconda for Executives

Extracting insights from proprietary company data so that executives can make informed decisions is key to achieving desired business outcomes. To do this successfully, companies need to invest in a scalable data science infrastructure that operationalizes AI and machine learning (ML) practices. Anaconda Enterprise does the heavy lifting so that companies can quickly develop, govern, and automate AI/ML pipelines from laptop to production. It’s the platform of choice for rapid iteration of the data science lifecycle–putting insights into the hands of business leaders faster. Learn more about the power Anaconda Enterprise can bring your business.

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