While the mantra “data science is a team sport” has been around for a few years, many organizations are only now just starting to grow their data science teams beyond a small collection of loosely associated individuals. But whether you’re a team of 2 or leading a team of hundreds, you’re at risk of falling into these common collaboration pitfalls. 

Data science is about exploring numbers to identify business challenges and identify solutions — initiatives that require cross-functional teams of storytellers, programmers, statisticians, designers and accountants. 
Source: Ritika Puri, The Next Web Insider, August 2015

This webinar identifies the five most common challenges and offer actions to improve your data science team’s collaboration.

You will learn to avoid common pitfalls including:

  • Collaboration challenges among data science teams—including reproducibility and sharing notebooks
  • Data science deployment challenges preventing business value realization
  • Understanding your data science collaboration requirements