The most effective visualizations are not merely slick dashboards generated at the end of the analytical process; instead, they are responsive, interactive visualizations that help everyone develop more intuition over their data problems and ask better questions, whether the data is geospatial, time series, or tabular.

However, interactive and streaming dashboards can require complicated code that’s tough to deploy. For small teams, building customized, feature-rich dashboards or including real-time streaming is completely out of the question.

With 720+ packages for data preparation, data analysis, data visualization, machine learning and interactive data applications that deliver results, Anaconda can supercharge your team. Anaconda, the leading Open Data Science platform, gives superpowers to data scientists with high performance, cross-platform Python and R that includes the most innovative data science from open source. You can quickly and easily build rich featured interactive dashboards – including streaming data – without much code.

In this webinar, Continuum Analytics CTO Peter Wang shares how you can supercharge your Data Science team by simplifying the building process for even the most complicated interactive dashboards and display streaming data in real time. You will learn to:

Build interactive dashboards effortlessly using Bokeh
Visualize live streaming data and extract real-time insights
Deploy governed Data Science apps in enterprise environments collaboratively