The vast open data science landscape is full of choices but can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. However, organizations that can distil the landscape to the key players are making giant strides in leveraging the unending innovations—including AI—to drive new business value.

How can you navigate the landscape to identify the key and the emerging players? Can your enterprise harness open source without descending into anarchy? How can you embrace R, Python and their thousands of powerful analytic packages without the accompanying legal risks? How do you see through the legacy vendor FUD and make open source work?

We’re here to help—Continuum Analytics Computational Scientist Ian Stokes-Rees will help you embark on your enterprise’s journey to Open Data Science in this webinar.

You will learn how to:

  • Navigate the open data science landscape
  • Champion open data science projects for success
  • See a practical AI demonstration for enterprises