Getting Python and R’s most popular data science libraries to work on a computational cluster can be a major challenge. And in a Big Data world, surmounting this challenge is key to leveraging data science within your organization to make smart, data-driven decisions.

In this live webinar from Team Anaconda, we’ll demonstrate how easily the Anaconda Enterprise data science platform integrates with Hadoop or Spark clusters, giving your data scientists access to the libraries they need and empowering you to extract the most value from your Big Data. The webinar is intended for IT managers and experienced Python and R users interested in writing code on Hadoop/Spark clusters.

You’ll learn how Anaconda Enterprise:

  • Enables runtime distribution for Hadoop and Spark jobs
  • Gathers data from disparate sources for analysis
  • Easily connects to your Spark clusters and queries data from Hadoop
  • Features distributed computing with Dask
  • Deploys your Big Data applications