How to Turn Your Notebooks into Secure, Deployable Dashboards with Panel

Panel is a new open-source Python package that makes it simple to turn what you generate in a notebook into an app with sliders and panes. The simplest apps take only a single line of code, and even complex interlinked applications take only a few dozen lines of straightforward, reactive code. Most importantly, the widgets and apps work whether in a notebook or deployed as a standalone server, eliminating the friction between building the initial analysis, sharing your results, and improving them as you get feedback. Python users can stop relying on an external team to translate their work into something that can make an impact; just share it directly!

During this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • New functionality available with Panel
  • How to get started using your favorite plotting tools
  • How to deploy the results securely
  • How containerized deployment systems like Anaconda Enterprise 5 make publishing a dashboard as simple as hitting the “Deploy” button

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