Meet up with Continuum Analytics at the Strata + Hadoop World in New York City Sept 29 – Oct 1. See how Anaconda and our other open source technologies can expand the power of your data analytics with demos, talks, and more from our talented team of developers, engineers, and data scientists. 

Transform Your Data Science: PyData at Strata 

Continuum Analytics co-founders Peter Wang (@pwang) and Travis Oliphant (@teoliphant) kick off the PyData at Strata track on Tuesday, September 29 with the first Keynote address on “How to Build a Company on Open Source” at 9:00AM. Check out the rest of our PyData talks and tutorials: 

  • 11AM – 12:30PM: How to Use Pandas for Data Analysis, Jeff Reback (@jreback)
  • 11AM – 12:30PM: How to Create Beautiful Visualizations with Bokeh, Bryan Van de Ven (@bryvdv) and Sarah Bird (@birdsarah
  • 1:30PM – 2:15PM: How to Build Big Data Workflows, Andy Terrel and Ben Zaitlen (@quasiben)
  • 2:15PM – 3PM: How to Leverage the Blaze Ecosystem, Matt Rocklin (@mrocklin) and Phillip Cloud (@cpcloudy
  • 4:15PM – 5PM: Interactive Computing in the Jupyter Notebook – Present and Future, Jason Grout and Chris Colbert

After PyData, stop by our booth #557 during the Strata + Hadoop World Opening Ceremony from 5:30 – 6:30PM. We’ll be hosting a game of #Python + #Data Jeopardy – you don’t want to miss out! 

Continuum Analytics, Booth #557

We have a brand new booth and plenty of announcements and giveaways going on at Strata + Hadoop World. Find us at booth #557 on Tuesday 9/30 and Wednesday 10/1 to see talks and demos from our experts on Anaconda, Bokeh, Quants, Blaze, Pandas, and more. 

Guide to NumPy, Second Edition 

Travis Oliphant will be giving away and signing copies of his new book, Guide to NumPy, Second Edition at our booth on Tuesday, September 30. We only have a limited number of copies, so be sure to stop by to claim yours! 

Raspberry Pi Giveaways + The Daskmaster

Want to win a Raspberry Pi? We’ll be giving them away on 9/30 and 10/1 at our booth to those lucky enough to impress us at our Selfie Station (#Anaconda #StrataHadoop). Also be sure to stop and check out the Daskmaster, our newest, fully functional cluster of Raspberry Pis, built by Continuum developer Stan Seibert (@seibert). 

Product Talks and Private 1:1 Meetings

Want to sit down 1:1 with one of our experts? Email [email protected] or see the Welcome Desk at our booth to schedule a meeting, including with co-founders Peter Wang and Travis Oliphant. Our experts will also be giving talks on our open source products in our booth theatre. We’ll have talks running every half hour, such as “Beautiful Interactive Visualizations in the Browser with Bokeh (without JS)” and “Using PyData + Numba to Light Up Dark Data.” Learn how Continuum’s open source products can help you manage, visualize, and share your data with anyone in the world. 

Get in Touch with Our Team

Reach out to us before or after the show at [email protected] to schedule meetings or ask any follow up questions you may have. We hope to see you at the conference! Follow us on Twitter @ContinuumIO and Instagram @continuumanalytics for on-the-fly updates and giveaways during Strata + Hadoop World, plus follow us on the hashtags #Anaconda and #AnacondaCrew.