This half-day course explores core components of Anaconda Enterprise, notably conda (for package & environment management), Anaconda Repository (for governing distribution of assets), and Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks (for collaborating on Jupyter notebook-based projects securely). These tools, used in combination, provide a stable foundation for reproducible data science within organizations. The course mixes presentation with hands-on exploration in roughly equal parts.

What You Will Learn 

During this course, you will learn how to:           

  • Manage computing environments for various projects
  • Create shareable packages & environments from a project
  • Share & distribute organizational assets (packages, environments, data, etc)
  • Set up secure notebook-based collaborations within teams
  • Control project revisions and access
  • Generate project reports for business stakeholders as interactive visualizations and presentations

Topics Covered

  • Creating, working with and understanding conda environments
  • Creating and installing conda packages
  • Distributing packages, environments, data and other assets with Anaconda Repository
  • Managing organizations with Anaconda Repository
  • Collaborating on projects with Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks
  • Controlling shared access, conda environments and notebook revisions within Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks

Who Should Attend

The target audience for this training is teams of data scientists, as well as data engineers and dev-ops who support them, that want to share, collaborate and reproduce projects.

This course has a limit of 20 participants.


Participants need to be familiar with rudiments of Python (in particular, using and creating basic Python modules). Prior understanding of Python packaging and prior experience using Jupyter notebooks are useful but neither are mandatory.