This half-day course builds the fundamentals of Anaconda Fusion for connecting Python-based data science with Microsoft Excel®. Anaconda Fusion enables Data Scientists to share complex models with Business Analysts who are comfortable with Excel spreadsheets, but less comfortable with programming. Topics include: the core Anaconda Fusion interface, working with Python notebooks from Excel and making use of the broader Anaconda ecosystem. The course mixes presentation with hands-on exploration in roughly equal parts.

What You Will Learn 

During this course, you will learn how to:    

  • Integrate tools from the Python ecosystem with Excel through Anaconda Fusion
  • Use the Anaconda Fusion interface within Excel for notebook-based data science in Python
  • Share and use pre-built Python notebooks within Excel
  • Construct Python functions and decorators compliant with the Anaconda Fusion API

Topics Covered

  • Using elements of the Anaconda Fusion interface
  • Working with pre-existing Python notebooks from Excel
  • Describing Anaconda Fusion's data-sharing model
  • Developing Python notebooks for Excel

Who Should Attend

The target audience for this training is Data Scientists comfortable with Python who work with Business Analysts using Microsoft Excel. Data analysts and Excel users wanting to augment their workflows can also attend, but basic Python knowledge will be expected.

This course has a limit of 20 participants.


Participants need to be familiar with Python (in particular, creating Python functions and using basic Python data structures and modules). A robust understanding of Python decorators is an asset but is not mandatory.