Anaconda Trademark & Brand Guidelines

When referring to Anaconda and the names of its products and services, please follow these Anaconda Trademark & Brand Guidelines.

You may use Anaconda trademarks in text solely to refer to and/or link to Anaconda’s products and services in accordance with the terms of these Guidelines.

You must contact us for permission to use Anaconda logos, logotypes, icons, trade dress, or other elements of Anaconda packaging, websites, or other materials. Once permission is received, we ask that you meet the following requirements.

Registered Trademark Logos

Below are the primary, trademarked versions of the Anaconda logo.

Standard Wordmark
Horizontal Icon Logo
Stacked Icon Logo


When positioned alongside text or graphics, the Anaconda logo should always be surrounded by a space margin. This margin is equal to height and width of the letter “O” icon and should be maintained above, below, and to either side of the Anaconda logo. No words, symbols, or illustrative matter should intrude into this area.

Changing or altering Anaconda’s logo in any way is a violation of the Anaconda Trademark & Brand Guidelines. Never recreate, rescale, or rearrange the logo’s elements under any circumstance. Always use the master logos supplied with these Guidelines. The Anaconda logo and standards have been set in place to help ensure consistency throughout all media.


When using the logo in Anaconda Green, it should be #43B02A. Anaconda Green and white should be the primary colors used for the logo. For grayscale applications, use black or white. Don’t use a grayscale version of Anaconda Green.

Open Space

Examples of Incorrect Logo Usage

Logo Partnerships

When combining our logotype with another brand, it should be the same visual weight as the partner’s logo, ideally separated by a vertical bar.