Do you want to benefit from the most advanced and innovative data science tools and libraries as an alternative to your existing SAS platform?

Anaconda Enterprise, built on Python, provides thousands of advanced routines for data processing, text analysis, statistical modeling and visualization. An engagement manager will work with you to define a migration plan that will maximize your ability to replace your existing SAS analytics with an enterprise-oriented, Python-based capability that will provide new avenues for data insights, analytics apps and business reporting. This engagement will build upon the assessment and best-practice platform identified by the Anaconda data science Jumpstart.

  • Integrated - Deployment of SAS + Anaconda Enterprise side-by-side to facilitate a smooth migration
  • Scalable - Anaconda Enterprise offers several avenues for large-scale parallel data analysis
  • Enterprise-Ready - Anaconda Enterprise offers a stable, established and enterprise-ready product with complete support, documentation and training


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