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Expert Tutorial: Jupyter Best Practices

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Understanding how to leverage Jupyter Notebooks unlocks a world of possibilities, especially for new data scientists. Register for an exclusive tutorial on October 9 and learn how to optimize your Jupyter Notebook experience for use with Anaconda.

Getting Started with Individual Edition
This quick 15-minute video provides an introduction to help you get started using this powerful tool.
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Quick Start Guide

Learn how to use Anaconda Individual Edition, Anaconda Navigator and conda with cheat sheets, FAQs, and more.

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Upcoming Tutorial

Jupyter Notebook Best Practices

Join us on October 9 from 2-4pm EDT for an expert tutorial. Practice setting up the base Conda environment and learn how to utilize multiple environments directly with classic Jupyter Notebook and JupyterLab. Learn best practices for writing effective Jupyter Notebooks, particularly for reproducibility. Improve your workflow by installing extensions that will help you keep your notebooks organized, enable improved autocompletion, detect errors in your code, and debug your cells.

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