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Master the foundations of data science and spin up awesome data science projects anytime, anywhere! Expert-led tutorials. Cloud-hosted notebooks. Take your work to the cloud today.

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Anaconda is here to help you learn the most essential skills in Python, data analysis, visualization, machine learning, and more. Expert-led instruction. Outcome-driven courses. Install-free notebooks. Bite-size code challenges. For just $9 a month, unlock Anaconda Learning and Anaconda Notebooks.

  • Access on-demand, self-paced modular courses

  • Code with experts side-by-side

  • Challenge your practical knowledge

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Code anytime, anywhere

Introducing Anaconda Notebooks, a cloud-hosted notebook service that runs on any browser! Ready-to-code Anaconda environments. Hundreds of data science packages. Super snappy SSD storage. Native environment management. Preloaded extensions and sample notebooks. No configuration required — start coding from any modern web browser today.

  • Cloud-hosted JupyterLab instance

  • Ready-to-code Anaconda environment with hundreds of packages

  • Native conda package and environment management

  • 5GB of fast + persistent SSD storage

  • Custom extensions

  • Access to a library of sample projects and notebooks

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Learn Python basics in 3 hours – for free

After a few hours with Anaconda’s experts, you will:

  • Know how to read and write Python code

  • Solve real-world problems with loops and functions

  • Create your own objects and functions, and more

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Meet the Course Instructors

Thomas Nield

Thomas is a Fortune 500 consultant and professional author. He authored Essential Math for Data Science and Getting Started with SQL by O’Reilly and Learning RxJava by Packt.

Max Humber

Max is a Lead Instructor at General Assembly and the author of Personal Finance with Python. He was the first Data Scientist at Borrowell and the second Data Engineer at Wealthsimple.

Sophia Yang

Sophia Yang is a Senior Data Scientist at Anaconda where she uses data science to facilitate decision-making for departments across the company. She’s created multiple Python libraries such as condastats, cranlogs, PyPowerUp, intake-stripe, and intake-salesforce.