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All the tools you need to master the foundations of our data-driven world and jumpstart your data science journey. Now publicly available through Anaconda Nucleus.

Anaconda Notebooks offers a cloud-hosted notebook service in a familiar Jupyter environment preloaded with hundreds of packages. 100% installation and configuration free.

Use your cloud-hosted notebook to code alongside data science experts. Access self-paced and on-demand courses from Anaconda Learning.

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Anaconda Notebooks

Ready to go, interactive development environment that runs on any browser, any system. Practice your data science skills, develop Python-based applications, and securely store your projects with Anaconda Notebooks.

  • Cloud-hosted JupyterLab instance
  • Ready-to-code Anaconda environments
  • Hundreds of packages preloaded: NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, SQLite, Bokeh, Holoviews, Seaborn, Panel, and more
  • Native conda package and environment management
  • 5GB of fast, backed-up, persistent storage
  • Access to custom extensions and a library of sample projects

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Anaconda Learning

Anaconda's premiere learning portal is where you can learn all the best practices, tips, and tricks in Python and attain foundational data science knowledge directly from Anaconda.

Start learning on Anaconda Learning to...

  • Access on-demand, self-paced modular courses
  • Code with experts side-by-side with Anaconda Notebooks
  • Challenge your practical knowledge
  • Share your achievements on LinkedIn

Begin with Introduction to Anaconda and Packages with Anaconda's Senior Data Scientist, Sophia Yang, as she teaches the essential data transformation techniques that prepare you for data analysis.

Take the first step and master the foundations of data science and beyond with Anaconda Learning.

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All the tools you need on your data science journey

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