Modern analytic solutions are all about discovering new patterns in data and using the patterns to unleash new insights, value and discoveries

There is power in data. Data allows you to make informed decisions. In today’s world, that means connecting the dots between data both inside and outside of your organization. By applying that data to specific problems, data science teams create solutions that solve challenging problems and help propel their organizations forward into the modern analytics era.

Data Discovery

Data Discovery

Uncover patterns through visual exploration of combined data sources

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Transform data from across multiple platforms, and sources

Agile Modeling

Agile Modeling

Quickly build predictive models using latests innovative open source

Deploy Solution

Deploy Solution

Easily embed solution into browser based or operational solutions

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Empowering people to solve the world’s greatest challenges

The Anaconda community is full of innovators and thought leaders from every area of business, research, science and engineering. The range of solutions that our community creates is staggering – everything from customer analytics to discovering new planets. In this modern era, data science has been unshackled from proprietary software and that has empowered a new generation of data science applications. The possibilities with these solutions is endless and we are only limited by our imaginations. 

At Anaconda, we are inspired by these data and analytic leaders. We channel this inspiration into our software, technology and solutions that is fueling the next generation of data science solutions.

We are honored to work with data and analytic leaders who are using Anaconda to create AMAZING new solutions that are making the world a better place and improving the lives of others. This is a small glimpse into their world.

New treatments for rare genetic diseases

Recursion Pharmaceuticals combines biological science with advanced machine learning algorithms and interactive visualization to discover new therapeutic treatments for rare genetic diseases by drug repositioning. Recursion Pharmaceuticals has used this approach on 100 diseases which requires 1.4e16 calculations to evaluate the 1,000 features for each cell in the 5000 experiments. The next step is scale up the process to evaluate 1000’s of diseases. So far, they’ve discovered several promising treatments.

Eradicating human trafficking

Human trafficking has surged as traffickers abuse the internet with temporary advertisements that are nearly impossible to trace. DARPA funded research estimates that the trafficking spent $250 million to post more than 60M advertisements over just a two year time frame. DARPA funded the Memex project to fight human trafficking which is a key defense department mission. Using Anaconda and Continuum Analytics open source software projects, DARPA is able to effectively scale the Memex solution with the ever increasing web to index and cross reference interactive and social media, text, images, and video. These deep searches combined with rich visualizations identify patterns and connect the dots about typically elusive movements across locations. Reports by NYDA’s office attribute Memex to over 20 active sex trafficking investigations and 9 open indictments.

Predicting the effects of public policy

The mission at the Open Source Policy Center (OSPC) is to create transparent tax policy advocacy by using an Open Source model. Proposed changes to tax policy involve predictions of changes to revenue and distribution of the tax burden. These predictions are based on proprietary models that are difficult for the public to scrutinize and debate. OSPC uses Anaconda to move proprietary SAS models into a performant, modern open source Python package that embodies current income tax law and permits others to make modifications such as adding an additional tax credit or deduction. This is made publicly available via a web application that non-technical interested parties such as journalists and policy advocates use to create a potential tax policy change, visualize the effects, and easily share.

Maximizing Open Source

Hedge funds want to leverage the latest innovation in open source Python as the foundation for their trading platforms but often struggle with internal management of open source development. For several hedge funds, using Anaconda and Continuum Analytics expertise has proven to be the way to manage packages, easily recreate environments with different versions, and stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in the Python community.

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