Performance Tips for pandas

pandas is an extremely high-performance library for tabular data analysis... if you use it properly. Don’t get tripped up by common mistakes that lead to poor performance. Learn how to do more, in less time, with pandas than ever before.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • File formats
  • Constructing data frames
  • Using efficient data types
  • Vectorization
  • Using Numba to accelerate certain operations

Meet the Speaker:

Software Engineer

Tom is a software engineer at Anaconda where he works on open-source projects like pandas and Dask. His focus is on data structures, statistics, and machine learning. He works closely with contributors from various scientific Python projects, including NumPy and scikit-learn. He is the lead maintainer of Dask-ML, a Python library for scalable machine learning. Tom has a masters in economics from the University of Iowa.

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