About Michael Sarahan

Q. What is your superpower(s)?

A. Analytics, Developer

Q. What is your technical specialty or area of research?

A. My skills developed out of need as an electron microscopist with a strong interest in instrument development. I’m good at analyzing data, interfacing with low-level code, and engineering maintainable software. I wear the badge of “honor” of using Windows more than your average developer.

Q. What world challenge do you hope Anaconda will help solve?

A. Take the pain out of learning to code. I made a lot of mistakes along my path, and I want to make everyday advancements easier, so that the overall picture advances more rapidly. I’m a huge fan of reproducible research, and see it as a world challenge unto itself.

Q. What do you do to recharge in your free time?

A. Read (Kurt Vonnegut is my #1), watch movies, bicycle, garden, video games