About Michael Sarahan

Michael joined Anaconda in 2015 as a data scientist and Windows build expert. He has worked to advance the range of capabilities that Anaconda users have – more libraries, more varieties of configurations, and more metadata to help ensure that things “just work” as often as possible. He currently contributes to and manages the Anaconda Distribution team.

Michael bootstrapped his computing skills in the Materials Science field as an electron microscopist, where he developed software for controlling microscopes and for analyzing data from those microscopes. After realizing that he really cared about making the microscope do new tricks, and not so much about the science (especially not the papers and grants), Michael moved towards work that more directly valued his software development contributions. At Anaconda, he was especially excited to join the vibrant open source community, and has enjoyed helping the conda-forge community develop since early 2016.

Michael holds a BS in Chemistry from Texas A&M and a PhD in Materials Science from UC Davis.