About Lanham Napier

Lanham is the ex-CEO of Rackspace and co-founder of BuildGroup, an Austin-based venture firm that equips entrepreneurs for the long haul. Lanham, along with his great friends and co-founders, Jim Curry and Alan Schoenbaum, are building a firm that is redefining what it means to be a value-added investor for growth companies. They love nothing more than helping build and grow extraordinary companies, and believe that the best companies in the world are built — not bought.

Lanham is driven by the challenge to build great tech companies that last for years, companies that are known for incredible products, services and cultures that bring out the best in customers and employees.

He cut his teeth building a great company at Rackspace, where over his 14 year tenure he held multiple executive roles, from CFO to CEO and served on its board of directors. During those years the company grew from a startup in San Antonio, TX to a publicly traded, multinational company with $1.5 billion in sales. While the numbers sound fun, the real fun was going on an incredible journey with great folks who care for each other and their customers.

Lanham would love to meet you in the real world, so please reach out. BuildGroup is always under construction at buildgroup.com.