Our Story

Our Story

Whether you're discovering the next great opportunity in the financial markets or analyzing data from a global ocean model, the problem lies in the data. Literally. Massive, diverse, ever-growing data.

To unlock the knowledge in today’s data, we all need modern tools. So we asked:

"What if data scientists shackled by the limitations of spreadsheets, or undone by the complexities of mixing traditional infrastructure with modern approaches, suddenly had the ability to dramatically accelerate their work?"

Then we asked:

"What if researchers could combine any data they wanted with the most innovative techniques—to discover new drugs, create social good, or enable insights that make the world better?"

And finally we asked:

"What if we were to empower the people closest to the problems—whether those problems are in business, engineering, or anywhere people seek answers in complex data—with a modern analytics platform that is simple to use? What problems could be solved if people facing big challenges didn’t have to be software experts?"

That’s why we created Anaconda.