Rob Futrick

EVP, Platform Engineering

Rob Futrick is VP of Platform Engineering at Anaconda, where he is responsible for overseeing the development and delivery of Anaconda’s cutting-edge data science platform technologies. With over 25 years of software engineering and product development experience, Rob has a proven track record of building and scaling complex software systems for some of the world’s leading companies.

Prior to joining Anaconda, Rob owned product for Microsoft Azure’s HPC + AI Software platform. He led teams responsible for building and delivering key services, including Azure Batch, Azure CycleCloud, and HPC Pack. Before that, Rob was co-founder and CTO of Cycle Computing, where he drove the company’s technology and product vision with particular focus on enabling highly scalable cloud and hybrid HPC solutions. Cycle was acquired by Microsoft in 2017.

Rob’s software engineering and cloud computing expertise continues to be instrumental in building and delivering industry-leading data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence solutions. His passion for innovation and continuous improvement bolsters Anaconda’s leadership role in the rapidly evolving enterprise Python space.

Outside of work, Rob enjoys spending time with his family and using large language models to help draft bios for corporate websites.