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Get help with your data science projects by viewing Anaconda’s documentation, make pull requests, or review questions and answers from our community of experts.

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Anaconda Enterprise Training

Your runway for success with open source in the enterprise.



Understand best practices for Python/R machine learning, deep learning, package management, visualization, statistical modeling, and more.



Equip yourself for the challenges you face as a data scientist, ML engineer, IT professional, analyst or developer.



Amplify your career and organizational impact by harnessing the latest innovations in core AI/ML technologies.

Community Links and Resources

Community Links
  • Conda package and environment manager – Docs | GitHub
  • Conda-build for building conda packages – Docs | GitHub
  • Anaconda Inc’s conda-build recipes for repository packages – GitHub
  • Conda Forge community of package builders – Home page
  • Anaconda Distribution – Docs

Anaconda Distribution Mailing List

Conda Package Manager Mailing List

Stack Overflow for Anaconda

Supercharge your data science efforts with Anaconda.

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