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Get help with your data science projects by viewing Anaconda’s documentation, make pull requests, or review questions and answers from our community of experts.

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Anaconda Enterprise Training

Your runway for success with open source in the enterprise.



Understand best practices for Python/R machine learning, deep learning, package management, visualization, statistical modeling, and more.



Equip yourself for the challenges you face as a data scientist, ML engineer, IT professional, analyst or developer.



Amplify your career and organizational impact by harnessing the latest innovations in core AI/ML technologies.

Enterprise Administrator Training

Administrator Training courses are available in person or online. All courses in this section are one full day in length, broken up into morning and afternoon sessions.

Enterprise Data Science Training

Data science training courses are available in person or online. Most courses in this section are one full day in length, broken up into morning and afternoon sessions.

Getting Started with Anaconda Enterprise

Learn how to create and share projects on Anaconda Enterprise. Access data in multiple formats and connect to big data storage systems like Spark/HIVE and relational databases. You’ll practice ingesting data from multiple sources to make quick visualizations and predictive models to gain insight from the data using the leading data science packages provided by Anaconda.

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Visualization Dashboards

Learn how Anaconda Enterprise provides data scientists with unique abilities to create dashboards with as little as two lines of Python code. You’ll deploy the dashboards with one click and share them with your colleagues. This course covers advanced data visualization capabilities of Holoviews and Datashader.

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Scaling Your Machine Learning and Deep Learning Pipelines

Learn how to take the machine learning pipelines developed on your desktop, train them on Anaconda Enterprise using big data sources, and deploy them to the cluster. You’ll gain hands-on knowledge of how Anaconda Enterprise maintains reproducibility of the entire life-cycle of the model from development and training to production. You’ll practice building machine learning pipelines using leading packages provided by Anaconda.

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Data Science Foundations

At the conclusion of this 4-day course you will have a solid understanding of how Anaconda Enterprise and the Python ecosystem work together to help you perform quantitative and qualitative analyses. This course covers the core libraries for data processing and analysis, statistical computation, and an overview of machine learning. You’ll learn how to access tabular data stored in various file formats, relational databases, and big data systems.

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Community Links and Resources

Community Links
  • Conda package and environment manager – Docs | GitHub
  • Conda-build for building conda packages – Docs | GitHub
  • Anaconda Inc’s conda-build recipes for repository packages – GitHub
  • Conda Forge community of package builders – Home page
  • Anaconda Distribution – Docs

Anaconda Distribution Mailing List

Conda Package Manager Mailing List

Stack Overflow for Anaconda

Supercharge your data science efforts with Anaconda.

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