Have you struggled to derive value from your Hadoop infrastructure or leverage it for advanced analytics?

Anaconda Enterprise is designed to seamlessly integrate with any Hadoop deployment by providing a rich, Python-based data science platform. This will allow your team to scale their models and analytics work from a laptop, to a server, to your Hadoop cluster with ease. Anaconda Enterprise incorporates rich capabilities for collaborative data analytics and centralized control and configuration of your analytics infrastructure. With data connectors for HDFS and Hive, and distributed computing interfaces built around Spark and Dask, you will be able to utilize thousands of advanced analytics routines for data preparation, data analysis and data visualization.

  • Python on Hadoop - Anaconda Enterprise provides production-ready Python and the full data science software stack on your Hadoop infrastructure
  • Scalable - Easily scale your work from a laptop or workstation to your Hadoop cluster
  • Easy Button - Making the tried-and-tested Anaconda Enterprise distribution available on your cluster will provide your team with the Hadoop “easy button”


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