PyData at Strata

PyData at Strata kicked off the first day of Strata + Hadoop, with Anaconda speakers TJ Alumbaugh, Bryan Van de Ven (@bryvdv), Sarah Bird, and Katrina Riehl. See their talk and tutorial abstracts on Pandas, Bokeh, Machine Learning, and more.

Python Scalability Talk & Travis Oliphant Office Hours

Travis Oliphant (@teoliphant) gave a talk on Thursday, March 31, at 11:50 AM on Python Scalability in room LL20A. See the full talk abstract

Introducing: Anaconda Inside Hadoop

Math Behind Machine Learning Gets 10-100X Faster with Anaconda Inside Hadoop  

We brought the power of Anaconda to Hadoop through improved high-performance analytics. In addition to providing Python and R packages alongside Hadoop clusters, Anaconda now includes a distributed processing framework for Hadoop that interacts directly with HDFS and YARN. With Anaconda’s new capabilities inside Hadoop, data scientists can finally achieve lightning fast processing of computationally intensive machine learning analytics to realize the full value of their Big Data.